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GMATV has complete portable and studio production equipment and facilities to be used for local productions, and produces many local programs each year. GMATV’s production team is willing to work with members and organizations to produce original programs. Members of GMATV may use any piece of equipment for FREE after completing a simple certification process on that equipment.

GMATV also accepts submissions of videotaped programs for airing on Channel 15. To submit your video, please follow the instructions on this page.


Production Plan:

Request a Production Plan form outlining the program concept. This form must include the name and phone number of the Executive Producer, concise objectives of the program, and production dates and times. All proposals must be submitted well in advance of the production date, and approved by GMATV staff.


Agree that the use of GMATV access equipment and facilities is for the sole purpose of producing programs for showing on GMATV, unless an agreement is reached with GMATV in advance of production.

Also, all GMATV Members and Producers MUST agree to follow our Operating Rules & Procedures. A copy of the Operating Rules and Procedures is available for download on the Production Forms page of this website.

GMATV Certification

Be certified by GMATV for use of equipment. If you are not certified, our staff will work with you to certify you, or will help in finding certified people to work on your production.

You must be a member of our station to produce a program at GMATV. You must complete an Adult Membership Form and submit it to us. If you are under 18 you must complete a Junior Membership Form. Copies of the membership applications are available for download on the Production Forms page of this website.

As the program’s producer, you are responsible for obtaining written release forms from any persons appearing in a significant way in a program. Release forms are available from GMATV. The following types of participants should sign releases: anyone who speaks on camera other than at a public meeting; anyone who is pictured for more than a passing moment; anyone who performs or demonstrates any kind of talent; and any person depicted in a potentially compromising or embarrassing situation, i.e. at a political rights rally, an alcoholics anonymous meeting or falling asleep in church. Any person under the age of 18 must have his or her parent or legal guardian sign a release form. Some schools and organizations have “blanket releases” on their students, and these are acceptable for a GMATV production.

The program producer is also responsible for making all appropriate arrangements with, and obtaining all clearances from, broadcast stations, networks, sponsors, music licensing organizations, performer representatives, and any other persons as may be necessary to telecast a program.

The majority of our funding comes from cable subscribers in the three towns GMATV serves. Therefore, there is no cost for the use of GMATV equipment and facilities for a program to be shown on GMATV. There may be a small fee for certain GMATV services.

If you have any questions regarding GMATV productions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Complete the CableCasting Application on this website. This file is available for download on the Production Forms page. Also send your VHS/DVD, clearly marked with the identical name, program title, organization, and phone number you included on the form. We must receive both the form and VHS/DVD before we can process your request.
If your program is time sensitive, please keep in mind that we plan our broadcast schedule a week in advance. You will need to contact us to request a play date. In addition, we must receive the VHS/DVD/DV Tape at least 5 days prior to air date.
The program's producer must obtain cablecast permission from all persons who appear in a significant way on the program. In addition, GMATV requires that the program:

  • benefits the community
  • meets GMATV standards for picture and audio quality
  • has titles and credits, and is free of copyright restricted material
  • includes at least 30 seconds of blank videotape before and after the program

If you have any question as to the suitability of your program for GMATV, please contact us!

The preceding statements were based off a similar page on RETN's Website.