General Manager - Tim Torrey

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Tim will post some info soon. Stay tuned!

Amy Wolk Murphy - Producer/Office Assistant

Amy Wolk MurphyAmy, a native New Yorker, comes to us direct from her stint as a Stay-at-Home Momma of two. Prior to that, she was part of the original launch team at Fox News Channel and also worked in the Music News department at VH1 in New York City. Amy was a News Producer at the old ABC22 station in Burlington, VT and has been living in Vermont for a little over ten years (she planned at first to only stay for three months). Amy spends most of her time with her husband, their two kids and their pets. Amy is happy to be back working in television.

Production & Information Technology - Jeremy LaClair 
Jeremy LaClairJeremy LaClair is a graduate of Johnson State College's Technical Theater Program.  He specializes in Video, Lighting, and Audio Production. In 2010 Jeremy stepped down from his position at GMATV to accept a full-time position at WCAX-TV as a Broadcast Engineer. Jeremy still spends several hours a week readying the GMATV broadcast system for next week's programming and keeping the computer system and website running smoothly. Jeremy also directs the popular GMATV series Tonight From Dibden. When he's not busy working at WCAX and GMATV, Jeremy enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wonderful fiance. He currently resides in Underhill, Vermont. Follow Jeremy on Twitter by clicking here.

Apple Consultant - Philip Roy

Philip Roy

Producer of the GMATV cult classic "Phil's Fortune Cookie", Phil quit college in Arizona to come work for the GMATV dream. He rose through the ranks quickly, peaking at head editor, only to be replaced and demoted by James Tomlinson in a vicious power struggle. Phil can usually be seen at Hannaford picking up groceries for his ever expanding family.